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    Born as the Twilight Princess, Midna is the imp that follows and leads Link in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She aims to defeat the usurper Zant and restore peace to the Twilight Realm.

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    Midna is an imp that serves as Link's sidekick and adviser in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. A creature of the Twilight Realm, she is able to hide in Link's shadow in the light world of Hyrule, but her powers are much greater in the Twilight Realm. Her true form and identity are revealed as the story progresses.


    Mida first appears immediately after Link awakens in the Twilight Realm. Link, imprisoned and in his wolf form, reluctantly allows Midna to cryptically give him hints and ride on his back. As the duo travels through the Twilight Realm version of Hyrule Castle, they encounter Princess Zelda, who informs the two of the danger of the Twilight Realm. Midna, after addressing Princess Zelda as the “Twilight Princess,” tells Link to find the ancient artifact called the Fused Shadow, all without revealing her true motives.

     Midna's impish form is a result of a curse placed on her by Zant.
    Midna's impish form is a result of a curse placed on her by Zant.

    After collecting all of the Fused Shadow artifacts, the Light Spirit Lanayru is summoned, right before the Usurper Twilight King Zant appears. Zant steals the Fused Shadows and after attempting to persuade Midna to join him, he exposes Midna to Lanayru’s light, leaving Midna in a critically scarred state. Barely alive, Midna is carried to Zelda by Link in his wolf form. Zelda offers her very existence to save Midna, who instantly abandons her previous intentions in order to stop Zant not only to save the Twilight Realm, but all of Hyrule. Zelda, before her disappearance, informs the two of the Mirror of Twilight, a bridge between the light and Twilight realms.

    Link and Midna travel to the outskirts of the Hyrule land to the Arbiter Grounds, only to find the Mirror of Twilight broken into four pieces. The truth is revealed by the Sages of Hyrule, who describe Midna’s true race as the Twili people, wielders of ancient and forbidden magic who were banished to a realm of shadows known as the Twilight Realm, with Midna herself being the realm’s true leader. Zant also is the cause of Midna’s impish form, as he put a curse on her before abandoning her.

     Midna's true form is revealed after she is revived by the Light Spirits of Hyrule.
    Midna's true form is revealed after she is revived by the Light Spirits of Hyrule.

    After the collection the Mirror of Twilight shards, Link and Midna enter the Twilight Realm to fight Zant, who is ultimately defeated by Link and killed by Midna, who uses the Fused Shadows’ true power to finish him off. It is then revealed to Link and Midna that Zant was only a puppet in the grand scheme of things, with Hyrule’s eternal evil Ganondorf being the true enemy. Midna guides Link to Hyrule Castle, where the two confront Ganondorf. Midna then uses the Fused Shadows’ power to attack Ganondorf, only to be defeated, as Ganondorf appears before Link and smashes the Fused Shadows before him. Link and Zelda then defeat Ganondorf.

    Midna is revived by the Light Spirits of Hyrule, ultimately breaking the hex upon her and returning her to her true form.

    Link, Zelda, and Midna return to the Mirror Chamber, bidding farewell to each other. Midna then destroys the Mirror of Twilight; the only link between the two worlds.


    Midna’s personality is a stark contrast from the refined state of Princess Zelda. Though she initially is shown to be a loner, completely defiant of the goals and objectives of the other characters, once Zelda sacrifices her form to save her, Midna gains new faith for Link and the people of Hyrule. Throughout the course of Twilight Princess, Midna forms a close friendship with Link.


    When in the Twilight Realm, Midna can create a field of energy around Link, which Link can use to perform a series of quick, successive attacks. Midna can also use illusions to change her form’s appearance. Additionally, Midna can transport from area to area through a warp system, and in context-sensitive moments, help Link quickly leap from point to point.

    Hyrule Warriors

    Midna is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors. In combat, she can summon a twilight wolf as a mount.


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