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    Midnight Club: Los Angeles Remix

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 21, 2008

    Developed by series creator Rockstar London, Midnight Club: Los Angeles will give gamers the unprecedented freedom to race through a hyper-realistic LA.

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    The story in Midnight Club: LA Remix is similar to its console counterparts. You play as up-and-coming driver who, after arriving in Los Angeles, wants to earn reputation as a street race driver. And best way to do that is to race everyone you can to earn Rep Points, and get in the hottest car you can buy. As you progress in the game you'll receive "missions" from your mobile phone. Early in the game you'll get a call from local hero Booke. Booke is the guy who you have to ultimately beat. Before that you need to work on your reputation. By entering races you earn rep points and cash. With cash you can customize your cars. The mission structure in LA Remix is such that you can have multiple missions open at any given time and, consequently, complete missions at any time. Mission examples in the game include everything, from winning a pink slip race against an opponent to winning a muscle-car-only event or earning a certain amount of reputation points in a single race. The game also features an entirely new city, Tokyo, to race in.


    LA Remix includes standard racing game event types, such as circuit races, checkpoint racing, time trials, and tournaments. It also includes number of special events, such as red light races, where you have to get to a landmark on the other side of the city as quickly as possible. In delivery races you must bring cars to clients without damaging them and in "payback" you have to inflict as much damage as possible on target vehicles.

    After winning races, you'll earn Rep which increases your rank, and cash with which to spend on new rides. The higher your rank, the better the vehicle class and parts available to you. Customization, both aesthetic and mechanic, are a huge part of Midnight Club LA Remix. You'll be able to use a variety of body kits, spoilers, lights and parts to visually customize your vehicle, while performance enhancements allow for increased accelleration, handling, braking and more.

    Powerups play a huge part in each multiplayer match. Pressing the O button unleashes various powerups on either yourself or your oppenents. Poweruips include:

    • Disruptor - Hinders the view of the targeted opponent
    • Ice - An opponent hi by this powerup slides out of contorl
    • Nitro - One tank of nitrous is filled in your vehicle
    • Pulse - The target is projected in to the air
    • Shield - Use the shield to become immune to enemy powerups. Using Shield during Capture the Flag blocks the flag from being stolen while the powerup is acitive.
    • Stealth - Use stealth to become invisible and intangible for a few seconds
    • Stop -  Your target will suddenly engage both the brake and handbrake
    • Go - Causes the targeted opponent to accellerate while simultaneously disabling brakes
    • Reverse Steering - Causes your opponents steering input to reverse
    • Quad Damage - Opponents hit by this take four times the normal damage from all impacts


    Midnight Club LA Remix offers four player ad-hoc multiplayer through the PSP's Wi-Fi. The races available correlate to those unlocked/beaten in the single player career, though there are exclusive multiplayer modes that can't be played solo. Capture the Flag is your typical collect-and-return objective match, but is a free-for-all match across Los Angeles; ramming in to an opponent steals the flag, and you'll need to evade other racers in order to return the flag to your marker. The objective in Paint is to claim checkpoints simply by driving through them, thus assigning your respective color to the area in an attempt to "paint" a specific percentage of the city in your color. Tag, a match type only available in the Tokyo circuit, sees players evading someone who is "It" while simultaneously racking up points for being as close to the "It" as possible without being tagged, and thus turned in to "It." There is no Infrastructure multiplayer option for Midnight Club LA Remix

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