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    Midnight Club: Los Angeles

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Oct 21, 2008

    Make a reputation for yourself by tearing through the streets of an authentically recreated version of LA in Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

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    4.2 stars

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    It makes you step up your game, but MC:LA is a near perfect racer 0

    It's been over 3 years since Rockstar San Diego's Midnight Club has had it's last, major outing.  Some gave up hope on there ever being a fourth (or fifth, if you include DUB Edition Remix) iteration in this underrated arcade street racing franchise.  But in 2007, Midnight Club: Los Angeles was announced.  Now it has released and I can safely say that...  Midnight Club: Los Angeles is one of the best arcade racers ever made, and my #1 favorite game of all time.The first you'll notice (or at leas...

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    Underground Racing 0

         The racing and driving genre of games aren't my favorite but I decided to give this one a try after hearing how good it is.           Positive: Amazing VisualsGood storyNice controlsEnjoyable gameplayCustomization Fun Online PlayMassive World           Negative: Bad lag onlineSome glitchesStupid A.I           Overall this an okay game that recommend to every fan of the franchise just make sure you play games for fun and if you don't be ready to become very frustrated....

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    Beautiful LA and a dangerous curve, learning curve that is. 0

    I love the MC series. Especially 3, it was beautiful, fast and all I ever wanted in a PS2 street racer. When I heard LA was coming out, I just had to pick it up.Now to be fair, I'm not far in the game, actually I've been spending most of time earning money and rep just to be able to unlock parts and buy them so I can actually win, but more detail about that later. Let's talk about the map.LA is large and beautiful. Never having been to LA, I'm not familiar with well known landmarks, but I can sa...

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    jakejr 0

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    Midnight Club: Los Angeles review 0

    After a long hiatus, Midnight Club brings the LA streets to the PS3 and 360When the Midnight Club series first started back in 2000 it didn't have much notable competition in the street/import style racing games, however since then Need for Speed underground has stepped in and has been causing Midnight Club to evolve to keep up with EA's giant racing series. There's been no bigger jump for the series than the jump to the current generation systems, some changes for the better, and sadly some for...

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    Great Customization, and GREAT Game! 1

    Midnight Club LA offers a fairly wide variety of cars that come along with customization parts such as "performance parts" ( you may even choose the brand!), Body parts (Front bumber, side skirts, steering wheel, etc), Paint jobs (Vynil jobs and normal paint jobs), hydrolics and airbags (Must unlock via RockStar Social Club) and even special abilities (Such as AGRO where you can just ram your opponents out of your way!)!  Also it is not that hard of a game and not that easy... Great online too! ...

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