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    Mido is a Kokiri who belittles Link as a child. He is the boss of the Kokiri.

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    Mido is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time who bullies Link as a child due to Link originally lacking a fairy. He may have also bullied him out of jealousy for Saria's affections, since she seemed more interested in Link then him. He considers himself the boss of all the Kokiri, and he can act childish and egotistical at times. He often makes the other Kokiri work for him, such as lifting stones and cutting grass. Despite this, he seems to be admired, or at least highly trusted by the others.

    Seven years later, after Link as pulled out the Master Sword, Mido is seen guarding the entrance to the Sacred Forest Meadow. He does not recognize Link in his new form. After Link plays "Saria's Song" on his ocarina, he acknowledges the fact the Link had a friendship with Saria and lets him pass. He asks the older Link to tell the younger one that he apologizes for bulling him. He also mentions that Saria really likes younger Link, but he trails off at the end since he wanted her companionship. He is last seen at the celebration at Lon Lon Ranch sitting alongside King Zora XVI and mourning the "loss" of Link and Saria.


    Mido's name comes from the name of a town in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, as do the names of five other characters, including Saria. Mido is the only one of this group that is not a sage of Hyrule.


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