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    A circular arena set inside the luxurious interior of the Covenant warship the "Pious Inquisitor", Midship is a fan-favorite multiplayer map from Halo 2.

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    Midship is a small multiplayer map in Halo 2, ideal for fast paced, run-and-gun, or free-for-all game types such as Slayer, King of the Hill, and Oddball. The map takes place on a Covenant Warship, the Pious Inquisitor, during the setting of the Halo 2 Campaign. The map appears to be symmetrical, but lacks equality on its respective sides. The overall geography of Midship is a circle, raised highest at its outermost ring, leveling down from there as one travels towards the center. In the middle lies a fairly open area containing three pillars, on top of which are grav-lifts allowing the players some last ditch efforts in confusing the enemy, or escaping the madness attracted to the center. The most notable weapon location is the energy sword located at the vary top part of the map on a shifting platform. Midship is deemed an "anti-camping" map due to a lack of closed off areas. The result is an all around enjoyable multiplayer map for numerous gametypes.

    A remake, entitled Heretic, is attainable with the purchase of Halo 3: ODST, and later on the Xbox Live Marketplace with Microsoft Points.

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