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Mieko Ishikawa (石川 三恵子) was one of Nihon Falcom's key composers in the early days of the company and is responsible for creating music for many of the developer's classic titles. She began her career at the company in 1987 composing several songs for the original Ys along with Yuzo Koshiro. Throughout her time at Falcom she would help create the soundtracks for games like Sorcerian, the MSX version of Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family and Ys' sequels before founding the company's JDK Sound Team in late-1988, which would go on to compose all of Falcom's future music. For many years Ishikawa composed music with Falcom's Sound Team but she has since stepped down from directly creating music and is now one of the company's managing directors for their design unit. Her last composition was Sorcerian Forever in 1997 along with a music credit for the PSP port of Gurumin in 2006. Today she is often created as a "Coordinator" on many of Falcom's modern titles.

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