What are the differences between PSN/XBL versions and the DS one?

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Pretty much what it says, I want to get it on the DS now, and I'd like to know if Im missing out on something (content-wise, I know the graphics where re-done or something). Thanks.

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Better graphics and online multiplayer, from what i understand. Never played the DS one.

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I haven't played all that much of either, but I've noticed they seem to have fixed every issue from the DS version.

For one thing, you can actually see the power level of an enemy before engaging, which is a definite improvement. Before you'd have to agree to fight first, and only then would you find out that your target was five levels above you, meaning there was no chance of winning, or you could retreat from battle, losing resources in the process, or you could simply remember to save before every fight and reload the game every time, which is tedious as hell. Simple change, but a good one.

Also, it seems that you can actually go back to the chapters after you've completed then, which was impossible in the DS version. Before you couldn't, meaning that if you missed a mini game, side mission, or secret unlockable unit, you had to start the whole game over again.

There's also some minor balancing adjustments, like Anwen's "Arrow storm" attack, which used to be a single overpowered "sniper shot."

Can anyone out there tell me if you can play all the different types of missions and boss battles in quick play mode?

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There is a thread over at the Capy forums that details all the balance changes.

I don't know if there are really any differences content wise.

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