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    Mighty Gazelle

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    Mighty Gazelle was the most injured pilot in the big accident of the F-Zero Gran Prix. As a result, he is now more machine than human, and is a top pilot in the GP. His machine is the Red Gazelle.

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    Mighty Gazelle was the pilot that resulted most injured in the big accident in which most pilots where involved. In order to save his life, he was almost completely turned into an android, and most of his body is made up of fine mechanical parts, tuned specially for fast response. He is now a full time F-Zero pilot, and takes advantage of his cybernetic parts to hone his skills to a level beyond human capabilities. He always pushes himself to the edge in every race, since death is no longer a concern for Mighty Gazelle.


    The Red Gazelle is a machine that boasts excellent acceleration and boost power; however it´s body is nimble and it is a tricky ship to pilot since it has a very quick steering response combined with sub-standard grip. This means that, in order to use the Red Gazelle at full capacity, the pilot must be gentle on the steering and have some excellent reflexes to avoid being hit, while exploiting the boost as well.

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