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Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition is a 2D fighting game, where the objective is deplete the other character's vitality in order to win the round. Players must win two out of three rounds in order to advance in Story Mode. Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition is a four button game; each character has two punches (light and heavy) and two weapons (light and heavy). In conjunction with the D-pad, players can execute throws and special moves. The game also has a Power Meter that periodically fills up. If a player executes a special move when the meter is full, they will gain a power level, eventually gaining the ability to do their character's super move when the gauge displays a thunderbolt.

Natsume would go on to use an improved version of this engine in New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Duel for the Super Famicom.


Top Row

Bottom Row


Unlock Ivan Ooze by holding down X + Y and pressing Start. This only works in Fighting Mode.


Story Mode

In Story Mode the player chooses between playing as the Thunder Megazord or the Mega Tigerzord. They then battle against every character in the game, including a copy of the player's Zord, until they face off against Ivan Ooze.

Fighting Mode

In Fighting Mode the player can either fight against the CPU or another player, or watch two CPU controlled characters duke it out. To use CPU characters in Fighting Mode, players need to hit the select button on the respective controller.

Trial Mode

In Trial Mode the player faces an infinite number of opponents, regaining a small amount of vitality between rounds.

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