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Mighty Switch Force 2 is a 3DS sequel to the original 3DS/Wii U downloadable title Mighty Switch Force. It is the first direct sequel to a game in WayForward's Mighty series. The game features new puzzles, weapons and enemies as well as a brand new setting. Composer Jake "Virt" Kaufman returns for the sequel. The game was later confirmed to be coming to Wii U as well.


In Mighty Switch Force! 2 Officer Patricia Wagon joins Planet Land's fire brigade to save Tangent City from the flames while also rescuing reformed Hooligan Sisters and USBs (Ugly Secret Babies).


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Similar to the original game, Mighty Switch Force 2 sees the player, as Patricia, running through stages to locate and collect the Hooligan Sisters and USBs by manipulating the dimensional positioning of blocks in the environment to clear obstacles and solve puzzles. As a new twist, Patricia now has access to a water cannon that can put out flames, destroy certain blocks and enemies, and fire water through channels capable of redirecting the flow.


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