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    Mi'ihen Highroad

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    Road that connects Luca and Mushroom Rock. It is widely known as the road that the Crusader leader, Lord Mi'ihen, walked on to face his trial with the Maesters of Yevon.

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    The Mi'ihen Highroad is a road with a revered history in Final Fantasy X. This history is related to the player by Maechen. The road is a sacred spot to the members of The Crusaders as their founder Lord Mi'ihen walked this road to face a trial with the Maesters of Yevon who accused him of amassing power to overthrow them. At his trial he refuted all charges and his group was accepted into Yevon as The Crusaders and not the original name of Crimson Blades. The term "Highroad" refers to the elevation of the road as well as the proverbial course Mi'ihen took by choosing to face the trial head on.

    Final Fantasy X

    The Crusaders are actively working on "Operation Mi'ihen" as the player's party moves through the area, which is full of fiends and travel by chocobo is recommended. The characters encountered on the road are highly supportive of the Summoner's Pilgrimage and will shower Yuna and her guardians with gifts.

    Points of Interest

    • Maechen

    Maechen is found on the left hand side of the road in the first area of Mi'ihen Highroad.

    • Battle with Belgemine

    Belgemine can be battled the second time on the second stretch of Mi'ihen Highroad.

    • Rin's Travel Agency

    Rin is met here for the first time. It is also possible to buy supplies while at the travel agency.


    1. Raldo
    2. Bomb
    3. Mi'ihen Fang
    4. White Element
    5. Floating Eye
    6. Dual Horn
    7. Chocobo Eater
    8. Vouivre
    9. Thunder Flan
    10. Ipiria
    11. Red Element
    12. Lamashtu
    13. Raptor
    14. Gandarewa
    15. Garuda
    16. Funguar
    17. Sinspawn Gui


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