Miiverse & WaraWara plaza = happiness

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#1 Posted by SpaceKangaroo (172 posts) -

I've found myself leaving my gamepad docked next to my desktop when I'm doing work just to watch WaraWara plaza, I guess it's likely the moderation that makes everything so pleasant :D some people draw some crazy ass things!

I've posted a few things for games like ZombiU where I've got stuck, tagged a spoiler and not really expected a reply - but people have replied pretty quick to things (really hope this keeps up, having the ability to screenshot and post a message for something like that is awesome).

Aside from loading speeds of generally everything on the system, it's got me pretty excited for things in the future for the Wii U. I think notifications could do with some improvements, friends list things too (messages etc.).

How has everyone's experience been with Miiverse so far? anyone else leaving WaraWara plaza running in the background while they do stuff? or am I just crazy x_X

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#2 Posted by korkesh (138 posts) -

I have my wiiu set up on my computer desk so I do just the same and leave the gamepad on with the plaza while I'm working. I think the miiverse is the best thing about the wiiu, and the community around it is great. My best experiences with it so far have been in new super mario bros U where sometimes if I kept dieing at a part I'd get messages from people having the same trouble and venting their anger. These situations always made me laugh that I'm not the only one who thinks this one jump is difficult or that trying to dodge meteors from the sky isn't so easy. I like the greater sense of community it brings to the games without all of the racial slurs and other less tasteful things that sometimes dominates gaming communities.

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#3 Posted by SpaceKangaroo (172 posts) -

Yeah the integration with Mario/Nintendoland is simple but great :D

Especially when you see your friends comments :p

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#4 Posted by ShaggE (8398 posts) -

I'd love for somebody to have a 24/7 WaraWara Plaza livestream going. I don't have a WiiU, nor will I for the foreseeable future, but those drawings are a hoot.

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