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    Mika Mikli

    Age: 19
    Blood type: AB
    Affiliation: S.S.S

    Mika was orphaned from a  very young age and taken in by relatives, He enrolled young in Officer school where he came top in everything he did.
    After leaving he ended up in the S.S.S and is currently in charge off the S.S.S 3rd squadron. Believes theres more to his parents death than he knows. He is not very aggressive, but will not hesitate to act fast in battle when needed.


    Mika's Rounder
    Mika's Rounder

    Type: Shooting
    Name: Venturo II (Ridares)


    Main Attack                    X
    Sub Attack                     Y
    Reactive Bomb            B

    Full Range Attack                      Full Circle, B
    Diffusion Shot                            Back, Forward, B
    Shoulder Unit Placement        Back, Forward, Forward, B

    B.O.S.S.: Movement Attack           Direction, A
    B.O.S.S.: Ripple Shot                    X
    B.O.S.S.: Sub Shot                         Y
    B.O.S.S.: Side Laser                      A, X or A, Y
    B.O.S.S.: Option Shot                     B
    FINAL B.O.S.S.: Booster Bomb   A, B

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