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    Mike Harper

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    A character in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. He is a friend of David Mason and a member of the SEAL Team Six working with Mason.

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    Mike Harper is Alex Mason's sidekick and one of the main characters of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. He's voiced by Michael Rooker.

    Role in Black Ops 2

    Harper is featured prominently throughout Black Ops 2's campaign. He's somewhat of a hot shot, delivering one liners and commentating on the things around him (ex: during the Cayman Islands mission, he commentates on how if he wasn't there for business, he would totally hit on some pretty ladies).

    He partakes in every mission Mason does. In a sense, him and David Mason are the future versions of the Mason-Woods buddy routine. During the game, the player gets the option to shoot Harper while playing as a CIA operative who's infiltrated Menendez's Corpis Dia movement. Shooting Harper kills him and he's not present for the rest of the game. Shooting Harper leads to one of the game's "better" ending as the operative intervenes to save a valuable asset later on. Not shooting Harper leads the operative to try to shoot Menendez. He fails and is killed.


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