Wouldn't it be awesome if...

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#1 Posted by Eli (464 posts) -

 ...FOX got Mike Patton to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol? He probably wouldn't do it knowing him and honestly, I hate that show, but I love Mike! Imagine how funny it would be to see him destroying all the bad singers that go his way. And plus, when it comes to singing/entertainment...he's got his pedigree.    

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#2 Posted by 21stCenturyJesus (187 posts) -

lol mike patton makes me laugh when i listen to him sing as a part of fantomas.
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#3 Posted by eulogize_my_baked_goods (178 posts) -

I think it would be funny but for the opposite reasons - seeing Mike give props to 'bad' singers because they sound interesting/different and destroying the Celine Dion wannabes for having a modicum of talent but no freaking imagination... which of course is the truly soul crushing aspect of that show.

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