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    Mike Wilson

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    Mike has been a professional wildman and a video game executive since 1995. He most recently founded Devolver Digital in 2009.

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    Mike Wilson started out as the "biz guy" for id Software, replacing Mark Rein (now Epic Games' persident). For the first few months, he travelled over the country putting DWANGO servers for people subscribing to the service to play Doom matches online. During his time at id, he once brought a stripper to the office which was not to John Carmack's liking. After John Romero's departure from id, Mike left id Software as well. He believed that John Romero brought a special kind of energy to the office, and he was the only one who appreciated Mike's one-of-a-kind sense of humour. He became the CEO of Ion Storm, which he planned to expand into an independent publisher. But after seeing that Romero and Hall don't care about his plans, Mike left Ion Storm to form his own video game publisher, which was called Gathering of Developers, or GOD Games. GOD was supposed to be "all about the developers", but it didn't last long. He went on to form Gamecock Media Group, another publishing brand that put developers first. But Gamecock didn't last long either. In 2009, he announced that he is forming yet another publisher, called Devolver Digital.

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