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Mikhail is a lieutenant in the UBCS and was deployed with his team to help the citizens of Raccoon City during the T-Virus Outbreak. Mikhail lost almost all of his men during the initial siege and was critically wounded during the fight. Jill Valentine meets him, albeit in a delirious state, shortly after meeting fellow UBCS soldier Nicholai Ginovaef.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Mikhail in his attempts to halt the advance of Nemesis.
Mikhail in his attempts to halt the advance of Nemesis.

Mikhail remains on the Cable Car while Jill and Nicholai go look for parts to repair the car to make their way to the Raccoon City Clock tower. When Jill returns she (mistakenly) reports that Nicholai is dead and they make the repairs to the cable car and start off for the clock tower. En route, Nemesis (a new model T-103) attacks and tries to kill the trio. Mikhail orders Jill and Carlos Oliveira to the front of the car while he attempts to hold off the monster. Mikhail unloads his rifle into the beast but he is unsuccessful in stopping it. He then detonates his grenades in the rear car hoping to destroy Nemesis once and for all. His bravery only injured the beast but his sacrifice was not in vain as Jill and Carlos managed to safely make it to the clock tower.

Should the player return to the cable car before they've collected any of the necessary items to repair the tram, there is a bonus cutscene that shows Mikhail attempting to defend it from a small horde of zombies. He will either make use of an explosive barrel that was nearby, or a grenade should the player have destroyed the barrel previously, to finish the job. Jill Valentine will then help carry the still weakened Mikhail back inside. During this moment, Mikhail expresses his guilt in letting his team down while stressing how he and his team are simply soldiers and hold no ties to the Umbrella Corporation itself.

Mercenaries: Operation Mad Jackal

Alongside Nicholai Ginovaef and Carlos Oliveira, Mikhail is playable in the unlockable minigame Operation Mad Jackal. Based upon the premise of a bomb being implanted within the mercenaries, the player selects a character and then must make it to the Warehouse saving room located where the main story begins. B.O.W.s can be killed to increase the time, as can combos be formed for better timing rewards. Hostages are also located in select sections of the City, and reward both supplies and a twenty second bonus to the ticking down clock.

Mikhail is undoubtedly the easiest and most accessible character to play as, with his varied selection of firearms and a sizeable amount of starting ammunition. His inventory is as such:

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  • Benelli Shotgun.
  • S&W M629C Revolver.
  • Rocket Launcher equipped with 8 shots.
  • 21 shotgun rounds.
  • 18 magnum rounds.
  • A mixed herb portion, made of a single green, red and blue herb.

With all of his equipment, Mikhail is ready for practically any encounter across Mad Jackal, and is most suitable should a player decide to explore the city to locate any hostages. Mikhail's one weakness is his lack of healing items; the hostages don't reward him with as many healing items as the other two characters, either. Mikhail also has the widest character model as well, which can make 'wall-hugging' and other such evasive manoeuvres a little trickier than it would be for the other two.

Nonetheless, Mikhail still has plenty of firepower to keep enemies at bay, and with a rocket launcher on hand is well equipped to handle the multitude of Nemesis encounters. Additional ammunition for his rocket launcher is non-existent, however, so the player must decide on its 8 shots wisely.

Should the player have chosen Nicholai or Carlos, Mikhail will then take up the role as a 'hostage'; as Nicholai, Mikhail can be found in the pharmacy storeroom and will drop a first aid spray, and as Carlos can be found in the bar and will drop a first aid spray.


  • During development, Mikhail was originally depicted as Nicholai Ginovaef's brother, hence the coincidence why they both happen to be Russian. As a character Mikhail was otherwise unchanged, though in this reality, Mikhail would interact with Nicholai (Mikhail and Nicholai do not speak to one another at all during RE3), who was to also largely be the same character minus the additional relation.

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