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    Mila is a young girl that arrives at Hotel Dusk by hitchhiking with only an old hotel pamphlet in her possession. Unable to speak, her past is a mystery to everyone at the hotel.

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    In-game portrait of Mila.
    In-game portrait of Mila.

    Mila is one of the most important characters in the story of Hotel Dusk: Room 215. A mute young woman that arrives at the hotel via hitchhiking, her only apparent possessions are her white dress, an old Hotel Dusk pamphlet, and a bracelet with the name "Mila" engraved on it. Rosa Fox, the hotel maid, takes pity on her and allows Mila to stay in her room. Mila's past and her connection to the hotel is one of the game's central mysteries.

    Mila's Past

    Mila is the daughter of a man named Robert Evans, a friend of Hotel Dusk manager Dunning Smith. Robert and Dunning had first met as students in art school, and were later reunited after a plane crash that killed both of their wives. Robert, then a curator of an art museum, saw that Dunning was down on his luck and concocted a scheme that, if successful, had the potential to make them both rich. Dunning agreed to the plan, and the two worked together to craft the life and work of a non-existent artist named Osterzone. Dunning, who had tried and failed to become a professional painter, used his skills to forge Osterzone portraits, while Robert wrote a book detailing Osterzone's life. Their ruse a success, the two were able to make money by selling Dunning's works as priceless Osterzone portraits.

    Ten years before the events of Hotel Dusk, things started to go sour for the pair when Dunning began growing tired of hiding behind the Osterzone name. At the same time, the pair had attracted the attention of the crime syndicate Nile, which wanted to share in Robert and Dunning's wealth. Robert bought Hotel Dusk as a place for Dunning to continue his painting in secret, and eventually, a meeting between Robert, Dunning, and Nile agents was held at the hotel. While they met, Mila, then nine years old, and Dunning's daughter Jenny played together in one of the hotel rooms. The meeting concluded with Dunning's refusal to continue painting, and Nile retaliated by abducting Jenny.

    In the chaos that followed, Mila was struck hard and fell unconscious. Her father took her to the hospital, where it was determined she had fallen into a coma. Over the next ten years, Robert visited her regularly until, having fallen in too deep with Nile, he was murdered by Kyle Hyde's police partner Brian Bradley. While on the run, Bradley visited the still comatose Mila, now nineteen, and left her with a bracelet that once belonged to his sister, also named Mila.

    After Bradley's visit, Mila eventually awakened from her coma, but the trauma she had endured left her unable to speak. She remained at the hospital and until deciding that she needed to find her father, whom she last saw at Hotel Dusk.


    Because Mila was comatose for ten years, her mind was unable to develop with her maturing body, leaving her with the mentality of a nine-year-old. Thus, she continues to see the world as a child would. She is driven by an innocent desire to be reunited with her father, unaware of his death or the crimes he had committed.

    In Last Window

    Mila makes a short appearance in Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, the sequel to Hotel Dusk. Set one year after the events of the original game, it is revealed that Mila is now living in Seattle and attending a school of fine arts.


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