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    Military Madness

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Feb 09, 1989

    A turn-based strategy game played on a hex map. The player is in control of the Earth's forces, fighting the Axis Empire for control of the moon. The first game in the Military Madness/Nectaris series.

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    Military Madness, known as Nectaris in Japan, is a turn-based strategy game that uses a hex map and zoomed-in cutaways whenever two units meet in combat, similar to the Famicom/Advance Wars series. It is the first in Hudson's long-running Nectaris series, which was still seeing new entries when Hudson finally folded in 2012, after which the rights got passed to Konami.

    The game was originally released on the TurboGrafx-16, where it saw a US and Japan release. The game was later added to the Wii's Virtual Console in 2006, where it saw its European debut.


    From the opening of the game:

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    … The 21st Century …

    The Earth has become all too small for man's insatiable needs. However, the moon has offered vast resources for Earth's greatest countries.

    The most powerful nations staked their claims for the moon's riches and much fighting has occurred. The evil Axis Empire has been behind much of this terror.

    Finally, on april 6, 2089, the Axis Empire's army launches an all out attack and captures most of the moon. All innocent people must now fight or perish.

    The Axis army now occupies most of the moon's factories where they are continually producing new weapons for their secret assault on the planet Earth.

    The Axis secret police have rounded up many members of the Allied Powers and put them in prisons. Without their key people, the Allied Powers stands little chance.

    Meanwhile, the Axis Empire draws closer to launching their "S.A.M." or Supreme Atomic Missile…the weapon they will use to destroy the Earth.

    The Allied Powers know they must free their prisoners if they stand a chance to stop the S.A.M. before launch time.

    You must free the prisoners and stop this military madness before the Axis Empire and their secret weapon S.A.M. destroy the Earth and all its people!!!


    The goal of Military Madness is to destroy all enemy units or capture the enemy base in each of the game's 16 levels. The player starts the first level with basic units. As they progress through the levels more units become available. A turn consists of moving and/or attacking with each unit one by one. Units can be restored in factories. Only infantry units can take over factories and the enemy base. Attackers and defenders get bonuses for certain formations with nearby units (or the "Zone of Control"), such as the surround effect. The type of terrain a unit is on affects the possible distance it can travel as well as its defensive ability. Units become more powerful by gaining experience for each battle they survive.


    A variety of units allow for many strategic possibilities. They are divided up as follows:

    Foot Soldiers- Weak units that can capture bases and factories.

    • Charlie GX-77
    • Kilroy GX-87
    • Panther CBX-1

    Tanks- The most common ground unit, with varied power and range.

    • Bison S-61
    • Lenet TT-1
    • Polar PT-6
    • Grizzly T-79
    • Slagger GS-81
    • Titan GT-86
    • Giant HMB-2

    Lightweight Armored Vehicles- Weaker units that can move, attack, and move again in one turn.

    • Rabbit MB-5
    • Lynx MB-4

    Combat Aircraft- Very long ranged. They are not affected by terrain. Only specific units can attack aircraft.

    • Falcon FX-1
    • Eagle AX-87
    • Hunter EF-88

    Artillery- Guns that can attack long distance.

    • Hadrian SG-4
    • Octopus MR-22
    • Seeker AAG-4
    • Hawkeye MM-107
    • Atlas SS-80

    Land Mine- Can't move or attack. Used as support for other units or as a roadblock.

    • Trigger M-77

    Transport- Weak, long-ranging units that can carry slower units.

    • Mule MC-1
    • Pelican C-41

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