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Initially Sulejmani works under Martinez Security as Rigel 1 and leader of Rigel Squadron. He becomes acquainted with Antares 1 and goes out on missions with him. After the destruction of the Spiridus over Tokyo, Sulejmani was approached by Nicolae Dumitrescu, leader of the terrorist faction Valahia. Offering him better wages, Sulejmani and the rest of Rigel Squadron desert Martinez Security and reform as Varcolac Squadron.

Sulejmani's GAF-1 Varcolac
Sulejmani's GAF-1 Varcolac

As Vacolac 1, Sulejmani will fight Antares 1 numerous times. His initial aircraft is a MiG-MFI but he eventually upgrades to a customized GAF-1 Varcolac. Sulejmani is considered one of the hardest aces to shoot down in the Ace Combat franchise. He is capable of pulling off impossible aerial maneuvers. His Varcolac aircraft is modified with enhanced speed, mobility, stability and armor and features a rearward firing gatling gun to intercept incoming missiles.

With each confrontation between Antares 1, Sulejmani slowly loses his sanity. This culminates in the final battle as he watches Antares 1 shoot down his wingmen one by one. Eventually Sulejmani reveals his parents sold him off as a child soldier and believes that money can buy back everything. Despite his superior aircraft and exceptional piloting skills, Sulejmani was shot down by Antares 1.

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