Mime Jr.

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    Fourth generation baby Pokemon created as a pre-evolution for Mr. Mime.

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    National Pokedex No
    : #439 
    Classification: Mime Pokémon
    Type: Psychic
    Ability: Soundproof or Filter
    Height: 2'00''
    Weight: 28.7 lbs
    Routes 209, 210, Trophy Garden ( Diamond, Pearl)
    Trophy Garden ( Platinum)
    Evolves at: level up knowing Mimic

    Evolutionary Chain

    Mime Jr. (level up while knowing Mimic) --> Mr. Mime 

    Pokedex Entry 

     Mime Jr. from Team Rocket
     Mime Jr. from Team Rocket
    Diamond: It habitually mimics foes. Once mimicked, the foe cannot take its eyes of this Pokemon.
    Pearl: It likes places were people gather. It mimics foes to confuse them, then makes it getaway.
    Platinum: It mimics the expressions and motions of those it sees to understand the feelings of others.
    HeartGold/ SoulSilve: In an attempt to confuse its enemy, it mimics the enemy's movements. Then it wastes no time in making itself scarce!    

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