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Mimi Houllier von Schwarzland hails from an aristocratic family in Arland. She is very proud of her family name and planned to use her adventurer's license to spread her family name throughout the Arland Republic. However, Mimi also holds a fiery attitude as she doesn't hold much trust to others and often down on others because she thinks they're incompetent on dealing with their responsibilities. She also didn't have much of a solitary life growing up and has trouble lightening up and accepting others.

Her lack of solitary skills shows when she got rejected upon her application of her adventurer's license as she got into a heated argument with Cordelia von Feuerbach, the Adventurer Guild's administrator. Mimi's anger grows as she sees Totori, who stumbled on the floor in the middle of her argument with Cory, receive her adventurer's license ahead of her. She eventually receives her adventurer's license later and proceeds to visit Totori at her alchemist workshop just to show that she got her license and asks her to congratulate her for it. Mimi later proposes to Totori to hire her for travelling around the Arland Republic. During her travels with Totori, she slowly grows as a character and accepts Totori as a good friend.

Mimi often talks down to Totori's other travelling companions at first, but eventually grows to accept them as friends as well.


Mimi is equipped with a lance as her weapon and particular body armor as her clothes. She attacks monsters with her lance as her normal attack. Her skills consist of attacking monsters in a row or column.


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