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    Mina Tang

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    Mina Tang is an Intelligence Analyst for Alpha Protocol. She is also a potential love interest for protagonist Michael Thorton.

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    In Saudi Arabia, Mina is responsible for keeping Michael Thorton alive when she interrupts Yancy Westridge's call and tells Thorton missiles are headed to his location. Afterwards, she works with Thorton to bring down Halbech and stop its plans from coming to fruition. 
    Mina works as Alpha Protocol's intelligence analyst, generally assisting Alan Parker. She also trains new recruits in Firearm basics. Mina was hired by the National Security Agency right out of college when a professor commented on her talent for calculus to an NSA friend. Her initial dossier says that she worked for the NSA prior to joining Alpha Protocol. While talking to Thorton Mina reveals that she left the NSA because she did not feel like she was doing much to make the world safer. She felt Alpha Protocol could cut through the red tape faster and be more effective.  
    It is later revealed that she never truly left the NSA but was inserted into Alpha Protocol to monitor their activities. She is responsibile for initiating the series of events that force Thorton to go rogue, because she thought only a rogue agent could take down Alpha Protocol.  
    Mina is a possible romance option, but like all the romance options in the game player choices could easily result in a bitter and antagonistic relationship. 
    Ultimately Mina is captured by Alpha Protocol, and violently beaten by Sean Darcy. Sean seems to have a romantic interest in Mina early on in the game, but does not let this stop him from brutalizing her after learning of her true allegiance. Ultimately in the final mission Thorton can either rescue Mina, or execute her if he feels her actions were a personal betrayal of him depending on the player's choices. It's also possible to walk past the door leading to Mina in which case an explosion is detonated and presumably kills her instantly.


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