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    Minako Iwasaki

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    A former Falcom artist that is famous for her design work on the Rune Factory series among many other titles.

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    Minako Iwasaki (岩崎美奈子) is a freelance Japanese illustrator that does a lot of work in the video game industry as well as provide art for light novels and manga.

    Before Iwasaki became a professional artist, she was known for submitting fan art to various computer magazines, such as Technopolis and POPCOM, under the name "ME-CHAN." A large majority of her art was related to the Ys series and her fandom for the franchise eventually lead to her becoming an employee at Nihon Falcom in 1993. While at the company, Iwasaki provided character designs and illustrations for several titles including Ys V, The Legend of Heroes III, Ys Eternal and many others. After working at Falcom for several years she left to become a freelance illustrator sometime around December 1997 [2]. She continued to create art for games at Falcom, such as Ys II Eternal, but also worked on several titles developed by Gruppo One in the early 2000s, a company founded by several former Falcom employees. Today, Iwasaki is the most well known for being the character designer for the Rune Factory franchise.

    External Links

    1. Japanese Article about Minako Iwasaki's Fan Art in 1980s and 90s (Psyzans).
    2. When Minako Iwasaki Left Falcom (I Love Falcom, 2021).

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