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We now have a Minecraft Bedrock Realm. What does that mean? Well If you ever purchased Minecraft on PC up to October 19th, 2018 you can get a Windows 10 version of Minecraft for free. It’s with that version that you can play on this Realm.

The full list of Compatible Devices are

  • Windows 10 Version of Minecraft (Get your code here)

  • Xbox One

  • Nintendo Switch (Helpful link for that setup here)

  • Mobile

Some more info about the Realm

  • The Realm has some game rule alterations including rules that have sadly disabled achievements.

  • Mobs won't grief (Creepers don’t blow up your hard work and Enderman keep their hands to themselves) and fire won't spread.

  • The Realm uses a texture pack. This is a big one for a lot of people but the decision to change this is based on the wider range of blocks available for building/creativity. The texture pack show off videos are here and here. Sometimes we might do themed days where we change the textures for a holiday or something just for fun. A big note to add is I intend to switch to the Super Duper texture pack when/if that becomes a thing(almost 2 years delayed so far).

  • I'm not sure about the limits of the performance under load and/or with complex contraptions (Redstone). We might have to limit these.

  • The Realm is pretty affordable at $9.00 a month if you want to donate get with me and we can figure something out. I’ll do a shout-out for those that want to help but no perks will be given out.

Server Donations: Anon01 (2)

Great now the fun part of every Minecraft server you skip.

The Rules

  1. Don’t touch other people's things unless given permission by them.

  2. No bullying, spam, hate speech, or griefing towards another person on the Realm. This includes talking, chat, forums, and in-game interactions.

  3. Old structures that have been abandoned can be moved and altered by me or an admin. If the original creator has a sign with their name, the structures name, and a date it was established I’ll consider it of significance to that person and leave it alone. If something is important to you put a sign on it to lock it in place. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

  4. This is a survival Realm. No begging for materials, admin, creative, etc. also don’t be a dick.

Ready to join?

This is an easy way to do that on PC but no matter what version you play a code can be entered to join the Realm.

Play>Friends>Join Realm>Enter Code>Put your keys in the bowl>go to the red door>knock thr

If you have any suggestions DM me here or on Xbox GT:Darkstar Pug.

Spawn 2.8.19
Spawn 2.8.19

Let's build


2.5.19 A Bedrock update has just hit with an emphasis on new blocks for building. New stairs, slabs, and walls (the cobble wall rein has ended) have been introduced along with some new flowers. Lava can now be placed in cauldrons to emit light. More notes HERE.

I'll update this later with some screenshots of the texture pack we use soon...ish

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