Any one can help me with industrialcraft?

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I have not been able to install this at all. My game keep crashes. I have installed other mods but this doesn't seem to work. Can anyone help?

Edit: The title was supossed to have a can in front....

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Search for the "technic pack". It's pre-modded minecraft executible. iIt has industrialcraft along with other mods to choose from. It's the easiest rout to take to play Industrialcraft, however the other mods make it a little much to take in at first. I suggest searching for a tutorial or somthing on youtube if you have any trouble.

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@SexyToad: what other mods you have installed? there may be conflicting ids

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Oh I got it to work duders. I think what the problem was when installing modloader, forge, modloadermp I was doing it in the wrong order. I followed some instructions exactly and I got it to work.

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