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Hey duders,

I'm trying to work on playing Minecraft with an Xbox 360 controller. I've tried both joy2key and Minecontrol 2.0 and have experienced the same issue both times with it. The X and Y movement seems rather "jerky" or "clunky" compared to when I look around with a mouse. Is this just something normal that occurs with these software things when playing Minecraft with a controller or am I just missing something?


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I can give this a shot if you'd like, but... The only thing I can think of is you aren't getting a decent signal from your controller. Though, when this happens with my Logitech it just assumes I'm still pressing a button or holding a stick until it gets a signal that says I'm not.

Edit: Okay, I see what the problem is. It's capturing the mouse, but when it resets the mouse back to the center when you use the controller it's using that as input. Let me mess around with some other stuff and see if I can figure something out for you.

I've tried another program, PadTie. It's okay, though it's been abandoned and hasn't been updated since around 2010-2011 it looks like. It is also jerky, though it was not as bad. I'm about to try Xpadder, though I was unaware that it isn't free. I'll let you know how it goes.

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@toxeia Big thanks dude for your help with this!

Edit: I want to include for your reference that it shouldn't be a signal issue. My computer/receiver sits right next to me atm.

Edit 2: Let me know if you need anything from me as far as specs and data go. I am running on a fairly new computer I just recently built for gaming.

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@schatzy23: All the problems are based on the software it looks like, so specs aren't an issue. And I was mistaken before about what was causing it, I didn't notice it with PadTie but with XPadder I'm definitely noticing that cursor movement is jerky, even on the desktop. Going back, that MineController java app runs the same way. It might just be a limitation of how controllers are polled for their input.

Okay, XPadder is the way to go, if you're cool with spending $10 on software to emulate keyboard and mouse input. The default mouse movement is 32 and it's smooth. At 64 it's still really smooth, but I can see some really subtle micro-stuttering.

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