i dont know where to find tect help

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I bought minecraft almost a month ago and ever since I have not been able to to see what is after the loading screen. After the loading screen I get a black screen. I search the help section no luck, posted on the forum where it was just closed and told to go to the tect help where no help there, posted at the minecraftforum site told to do a crash report did it and ether didn't work or nothing showed. I don't know what else to do or go. All I did was bought minecraft, downloaded it and launched it. I redownload the game and reinstill java a bunch. I just want to play this :(

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I'm about to go to bed for the night, but if I were you, I would make sure your video drivers are up to date first of all. Also maybe make sure Java is also up to date on your computer.

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Now when you say re download, just the launcher? You would need to clear out the .minecraft folder in the AppData directory.

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