Minecraft 1.8.2 update up in you Xbox 360 tomorrow.

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So the update is out tomorrow at 2 AM.

Here's the change log for those who don't know what's in this update.

Now this update has great features but also some I wish we're added. Breeding and villagers should have been added. Now before you duders say "those things weren't added until later PC updates" well yes they were. But for this update some later updates features were added, such as apples and mining speed. What's the point of animals no longer despawning if we can't breed them! Eggs and milk? Also villages are added but not the villagers. But I really shouldn't complain, it's nice to have an update. Since this update adds new terrain features you must create a new map to enjoy all the new stuff.

Main new features:

New mobs! Endermans, silver fish, and cave spiders.

New terrain features! Villages, mine shafts, strongholds, rivers, and so on.

Tons of new items! Melons, pumpkins, Iron bars, and so on.

Creative mode! You can fly and build with unlimited blocks!

Edit: The title should be *your not you

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Didn't realize this update went up until randomly pulling up the 360 minecraft game a few days ago to get all the good news. Took a little while to get it all in & find a random world in survival mode that has more variety to it. The new features are quite nice with the options to turn on/off visitor features, random towns & a starting chest nearby with a few random tools/food units in it. After exploring most of the map & finding the 3 main town areas, I plan on going back into this & just dismantle some of the other towns to make a bigger city on one of the locations before digging down. The tutorial is now highly recommended as there's more to it & worth seeing the new things there.


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