Minecraft PE 0.4.0 and snapshot 12w36a. Oh my...

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Let's go ahead and start with Minecraft PE 0.4.0. the PE is slowly getting there. It still doesn't have redstone, buckets, caves, nether, or common spawning lava. But this update brings it one step closer! Lets see what we have. Craftable TNT, Creepers, farming, trapdoors, beds, chests and longer days.

TNT was able to be obtain for a while through hacks. But now with the addition of the Creeper it can be crafted. Flint and steel was added to ignite the TNT. Flint and steel has no other uses seeing as fire doesn't "exist" in the game. Food have been added. Before in 0.3.3 health regenerated by itself. But now you must feed to heal. Exactly like the XBLA edition. So apples, steak, chicken, mushroom stew, and bread have been added. But tall grass is not yet added. So how do you obtain seeds? Tilling grass blocks will have a possibility of producing seeds. Although there is a bug where the seeds drop through the block. Supposedly trapdoors crafting recipe is broken in survival. That will most likely be fixed soon. Beds worked perfectly fine for me. Chests are not able to be connected yet. So only single chests exist. It works fine as well. Also the days does seem to be longer.

Snapshots of PE!

Now for the PC minecraft... Snapshot 12w36a. I have not played this yet. So this is going off of what I've read. I will play this after school. So I'll update this thread then. But here are the new stuff! We have new "heads." You are able to obtain mobs heads and use them as display. We have creepers, Skeltons, "Steve", and wither skelton. What's wither skelton? Well that is a new mob. Found in the Nether. They are black and resemble the wither from my previous thread. Also speaking about the wither. It's now spawn able! From what I read you must

"-You need 4 SoulSand blocks placed in a T formation and you place 3 Wither Skull on the three blocks on the top part of the T."

There is also a new obsidian block. I don't have information about this but I will when I start playing later today. And guess what! Carrot and a stick! That's right, with this you can control saddled pigs. The work in progress block is now has a name and is Craftable. Its called a Beacon. I will also have more information on this later today.

Update: Sorry for being late, I was busy. Now for new information! The wither Skelton is slightly taller than 2 blocks. They have a "wither effect" which makes it so you are unable to see your health easily. In normal difficulty they can take you out in 3 hits. Now currently the only head available to obtain in survival is the wither skeleton's. The others are found in creative. But I'm assuming once they are added, you'll have to kill the corresponding mob. Now beacons! To craft these it's 3 obsedian blocks on the bottom layer, then Glass Nether star Glass. Followed by 3 glass blocks on top. The nether star is a new item obtainable by killing the Wither. Speaking of the Wither, when spawned they will stay still and "charges" Looking at them will make a health bar appear on top. They spawn at half but regenerate to full health. During this time you cannot kill them. Once their health is knocked to half they are immune to arrows. They have 3 heads which each shoots out wither skulls. Don't bother trying to hide either seeing how they can "eat" blocks down. They can even eat through obsedian. Speaking of obsedian, there doesn't seem to be a new bock. I must have misread. But back to beacons. When placed, if the player places varies solid ore blocks around it in a pyramid shape it will light up, shooting a beam into the sky. When left clicked once player places varies solid ore blocks inside. Then the player can choose a power. The power will be applied to every player in the pyramids radius.

Here's a picture:

Now I believe that's all. If I missed anything let me know.

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It's fantastic how this game just keeps getting awesome updates.

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Love these posts SexyToad keep it up.

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Okay I got Pics up! But I still don't have more information up yet.

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Updated! I believe that's all the info. If you want a picture of anything or more information about a new thing let me know! Or use google...

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beacons seem pretty cool

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i thought the beacon pyramids used emerald blocks not diamond blocks hmnn

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@envane: They could be made with solid ore block, plus imagine how difficult a Emerald pyramid would be to make.

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