Minecraft PE 0.5.0 information.

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So I just watched the stream of 0.5.0 and it was different than I expected. So first let's talk about this nether reactor. It's a thing you make with diamond and iron. Then you place it with cobblestone and gold blocks in a certain way. Afterwards you strike it with a sword. Then a huge Obsedian room appears around you. Zombie pigmen will start spawning as well. He didn't show much but when he died and returned it was a Obsedian room. Roughly 7x14x4. He demonstrated melons which seem to work fine. Paintings were bugged in the video but he said that they're basically the same as the PC version and that he'll fix that bug. He said a caves were advance and something that may be added later on. The view distance has supposedly been increased. So that's it for that video. He said that he would do another twitch stream next week. The changelog will be out later today or tomorrow.

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i played the last version of the pocket edition but then stopped once I found some redstone, broke it, and it disappeared.

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