Minecraft pre-paid gift card question(s).

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Hey there peoples of Minecraft I've got a question. My daughter is really into the Pocket edition of MC on her iPad and I was hoping to get her the PC version for Christmas (hell I wanna play it myself). My wife and I were down in the States last week (I'm in Canada) I found one of those pre-paid Minecraft cards that are being sold and when I asked if this card would work outside of the US I was told that no it wouldn't.

Now I have two questions:

1. Does anyone know for sure that those MC cards don't work in Canada?

2. Has anyone heard whether or not those cards will be coming to Canada and when?

That's about all I need to know and, BTW, for those that are gonna say that I could simply enter my credit card onto the Minecraft website and buy the game that way, I know that...thing is I would really like to keep the amount of times I enter that number onto the internet as small as possible.

Thanks guys and gals!

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#2 Posted by Rodent (341 posts) -

Wow, don't everyone answer at once! :P

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Nope, don't know.

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I know , but I'm not tellin :P

edit. JK

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I think I remember someone tweeting someone-important-or-other (may or may not have been Jens/Dinnerbone) when these first came out about it working in Canada and pretty sure they said no.

That's a VERY vague recollection, but if the person you asked said no, that's probably the case.

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I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Sorry duder. But if you do end up getting Minecraft for PC, just know that it's different than Pocket edition. There's actually a nether, caves, other monsters, villages, actual crafting, and so on.

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