Minecraft Snapshot 12w41a: Pretty Scary Update.

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So today is thursday! Which means another snapshot! I skipped the last two weeks update, since it was mainly just fixes and not much new stuff. But some new stuff are that doors, levers, buttons, and so in are no longer operated with the left mouse button, but with the right mouse button. Today we have the anvil!

Here are various screenshots:

Pretty cool right? The "block" had the same gravity settings as gravel or sand but the dupe glitch was still there, so Nathan Adams made the block have "normal" settings. The anvil can also add together enchantments! So of you have level 4 unbreakable with a level 4 unbreakable it will become a level 5 unbreakable. (following me?) The anvil will take the highest enchantment levelout of the 2, if they're the same it goes up one.

(That's how I think it works.) Alao the anvil can be just for reparing as well.

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#2 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2079 posts) -

Holy crap, what have I been missing from Minecraft the last few months of me not playing it?!

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Wow..... Tools have Buffs??? (I haven't played minecraft in probably a year)

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Yeah I stopped playing a fair time ago, what have I missed? Buffs for tools!?

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Having not played minecraft on pc in almost 2 years, what do the buffs entail?

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@vikingdeath1: Dude, tools, armour and weapons can have buffs. Things like flame resistance or faster mining make things much easier. Pair it with potions like a speed potion and the game becomes much faster. Go update and try out new things.

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@EquitasInvictus: @vikingdeath1: @Soap: @david3cm: They're enchantments.Some let you mine faster, some lets you mine more (instead of getting kne diamond, you may get 3.) some preserves your tool for longer.

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Whoops, anvils are actually affected by gravity. They can not be pushed by pistons though. My bad.

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As someone who is playing the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, this looks downright insane.

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@Gamer_152 said:

As someone who is playing the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, this looks downright insane.

The difference is crazy, you should try out the PC version if you can.

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I just cant wait for 1.4 to be released. This Halloween will be the greatest. Anvils is an excellent addition to Minecraft.

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