Minecraft Tutorials + Inventions 80 + Video Library

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Good job... 
link the YouTube videos though.

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Good one!

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Minecraftforum.net is a good site. The community is cool like Giant Bomb's and I like looking at their creations.

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Definitely awesome. Learned a few things.

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Awesome work - stickying this to the Minecraft boards for everyone to see.

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His videos are awesome, watching them is pure bliss. He has such a relaxing voice, he speaks slowly and never curses. Highly recommended.
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 Two series that should be on this list and one You Tube channel:
MisterFantasmo's videos are pretty good so far, he's a noobie Minecraft player which can be entertaining: Episode 1
a GiantBomb community member, CraigAA, has a good series going. Episode 4, Stealth Pig is the best episode so far, i've shown it to a couple of people and they thought it was hilarious.  you should watch the whole series but if ya can't be bothered skip ahead to 11:30 for the best part of the video.

  And last, you should probably have Notch's Youtube channel on the list as he is the creator. Nizzotch
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I put my vote into Quintin aka HuskyMudkipz videos. They're pretty simple, but then he has like, 10+ videos of him blowing up the planet with hundreds of boxes of TNT, which is always fun.
His Let's Plays that have "ep.#' at the end (there's only four) are pretty good at getting started, but then his save corrupted and he started again (with "Ep.##" at the end), in which he found a load of clay and spent most of the episode getting it (therefore not as "beginner" as the first LP episodes). He has some good tips too.

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@viiral said:
" updated with new videos "
I like the headers you made for each episode.
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great job!

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@viiral: Great Episodes! You put a lot of work into those and it definitely paid off. We're huge fans. On a side note, GamerDub is starting a Minecraft Fantasy Series. Until then check out the "BEST SEED EVER!" in Minecraft. I provided a link for your pleasure,

Feedback would be appreciated.


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Wow that is a lot of stuff. Nice job.

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Just made a video about my house and the inventions that come with it:

Loading Video...



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Great job!

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