Minecraft.net Taken Over?

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I just got home from work (about 4:30 CST), and found my MC client couldn't connect to minecraft.net. Then, I tried to just *go* to the site, only to be redirected to some site called Room Key, which appears to be some kind of hotel reservation site (that I've never heard of). I didn't click on anything, nor did I even wait for the page to fully load (and, wow, it was slow). Is this some kind of crazy joke? Or is something strange going on here? Reddit is down too, so this ends up being the only place I know to go for anything related to MC that isn't their own site.


Whelp, looks like it has something to do with this: http://www.zdnet.com/amazon-cloud-down-reddit-github-other-major-sites-affected-7000006166/

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Giant Bomb got fucked up last time Amazon's servers went down, didn't it?

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