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Hey, duders. I rented a new Minecraft server for my friends and I. Of course, the more Giant Bombers on there the better, so if any of you want an east coast MC server to fuck around on, feel free to come hang out.

IP: (Just type it like that in the IP field)

If any of you are Minecraft aficionados and would like admin on the server (as I'll be completely lost) hit me up on Steam.

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@Rolyatkcinmai: I'd love to join, I'm pretty good at Minecraft so would be happy to be an admin.

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#3 Posted by Creamypies (4169 posts) -

I'll join, I'm willing to be an admin... though like you, I would have no idea what I'd be doing.

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Nick is an awesome guy, we rented the BF3 server together and I'm sure he'll be a swell Minecraft admin, if Minecraft servers have admins. That game is too weird, son. 
Also apparently Patrick 'trickman' Kelepek played on the server earlier so that's a thing, and there's that! 

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