Running Minecraft.

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Ok, so I've been playing the free classic version for a bit and love the game. But my computer, being an absolute pile of crap, kind of freezes up sometimes when I move my character and unfreezes a minute later. Is this because of my computer or because the free version is outdated?

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Well, Minecraft is a bit fucked up because it's made in the worst engine evarr: Java. Shit happens, man. My computer isn't that bad and it lags a lot sometimes (though, most of the time not at all).

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@TEHMAXXORZ: The free version is waaaay outdated (being version 0.30 by the looks of it). The newest (paid) version is at 1.7.2 and they've added a bunch of performance tweaks between them. Naturally, it'll be best to buy it if you want it to play more smoothly but updating your Java and getting a better PC helps too.
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Windows XP SP 2 
2.00 GHz 
896 mb of RAM  
AMD Sempron processor 
In general it is pretty bad but it still runs games like Gmod, TF2 (with low settings) and Half life perfectly fine (except for the occasional lag). 
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@TEHMAXXORZ: Oh man a Sempron! i miss those, i built one back in around 2005. nifty little cpus back in their day. i can't imagine running one today though let alone gaming on it.

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@TEHMAXXORZ: Yeah I think getting a better PC would really help looking at those specs. I can't remember whether or not the free version has it but in the paid version you can change some graphical settings to increase the frame rate and I'm pretty sure there are some community mods to increase it even further. If you're contemplating on whether or not to buy it then you might as well get it now at a discount. It's up to you depending on how much you enjoy it.
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Creative is always more laggy, at least in my experience. A lot more blocks it loads server side and FPS lag (and I have a brand new pc). You should run the full game fine, just put the view on the second highest.

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