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Hey duders, we're offering a home on our little server, which is currently in Vanilla mode, after a lengthy break from minecraft, jumping back in to the same old modpack and server didn't feel right, so fresh start with all new goodies to try :D

We love Minecraft and love playing with old friends, and new ones alike. As long as you're not a jerk, we'll love you, come let us love you.

Some simple rules to see if you'd like it here:

  • -No Griefing, this means no destroying people’s homes or creations, no building giant 3D dicks in front of people’s houses, etc.
  • -Try not to cramp someone’s Mojo, if you want to build near them, please ask first, they could have been thinking of expanding, but now your 3D penis building is in their way :(
  • -Not a rule here, but a request, for your own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, try not to build near spawn, eventually there will be a little town there, perhaps a travel hub to all the cool places people build, plus if any bad people get on, they might wreck up the place a bit before we can catch and murder them, further away you are, the safer you are :)

Server info:
-Hosted by MCProHosting, they're very reliable
-Version 1.8
-5GB Ram
-70 slots, buttery smooth baby
-No Whitelist
-Survival mode, creative will only be used by Admins when deemed necessary (fixing minor griefing if it occurs, or making spawn town look pretty) or if you're a known builder of epic things, Looking at you AJ

Admins are currently:
Nodderly if he's still alive
Me (Fuzzy in-game)

Feel free to @ us here and we'll get back to you ASAP

How to join!
Simply load up Minecraft, making sure to be on version 1.8, and add or join ""

xoxo, - Pugs

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This crew is always reliable so Its sure to be a fun server

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