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Great, but going in the wrong direction.

I've played PC since 1.7.10, Legacy Xbox, Legacy PE, and the Bedrock edition. I love the game, and have since 2014 back when I started playing, but after Microsoft took over Minecraft seems to be geared more towards making money, and China and white liberals happy, than it is making a good game. I'm not trying to hate on Microsoft -- Notch hates my very existence as a transwoman -- but merely point out what they're doing wrong in hopes they'll correct it. And yes, the point of a company is to make money, but the point of a consumer is to enjoy what you buy, so it has to be balanced.

The game is great -- it rewards creativity and innovation (to a point) and allows players to build just about whatever they want, including mansions, minigames, and insane farms. It has multiple dozens of structures to explore, and plenty of blocks, tools, and armor to craft. Players have been able to find special challenges to make it more fun, such as flatworld survival, no meat, no left clicking (attacking), and even no taking damage challenges. But with all this praise comes criticisms.

Their argument against adding sharks was that they didn't want to add endangered animals, but they added Polar Bears, Bees, and Pandas. They cited animal abuse as their reasoning for not allowing players to ride dolphins, but the game has an achievement for literally riding a pig off a cliff, and incentivizes players to build animal farms in the most cramped conditions possible. It's hypocritical and makes little sense. Minecraft is a video game, a 12yo isn't going to go kill a shark or ride a dolphin because they can in Minecraft.

While on the subject of animals, Mojang decided to add bats and parrots -- which have no real functionality other than captivating little kids for five minutes. This wouldn't be a problem if they weren't sacrificing time they could be adding other features, as well as performance. Useless animals like bats and parrots spawn in the world and do little other than annoy players and cause lag -- since the more entities (animals, monsters, minecarts, etc.) you have in the world the worse it performs. Even great gaming computer suffer due to the fact that you can only do so much with Java. Of course you can allocate more RAM, but it helps less and less until it doesn't help at all -- this relates to the economic theory of marginal utility if you're interested.

Furthermore, the Bedrock edition seems less like a platform to unite all players, but a domination of the Pocket Edition to allow Mojang to make money from microtransactions. The game has way too many glitches, including a duplication glitch that they can't fix despite claiming to every update, and hacking has became a huge issue since it's a lot easier for those on the Pocket Edition (Bedrock) than any other version, including Java. Hacking is a huge issue everywhere, but it's much larger on Bedrock because it's easier to do, easier to get away with, and can do so much more. I once played on a server that was taken down every other day because a hacker would come in and do something to make the game crash. One time they spawned in hundreds of mob spawners that made your game (and the entire server) crash every time someone looked at them. The server owner had to use third party software to delete the blocks so people could play. I'll also mention the China edition -- made solely to help the CCP spy on and control its citizens in order to open up a new market to Microsoft.

Now to netherite. I love the idea, but not the implementation. It doesn't make sense that you apply netherite to diamond. It should be its only armor/tool type. I don't care that it would upset diamond's supremacy, ores from the nether should always be better than ores from the overworld since it takes more work to access and survive in that dimension. I love the new nether update, especially the biomes, as it does a lot to solve the problem of the nether being quite boring and the progression gap between accessing the nether and the end which so often leads to me getting bored and quitting.

And this wouldn't be a Minecraft review without mentioning the Cave Update. So many players -- including myself -- believe it to be vital that we make that first half of Minecraft fun and important. Underground biomes, more ores, better cave generation, and more structures would go a long way for making the game tens of times better. Yet despite overwhelming support for a potential Cave Update, Mojang has refused to even plan one. It seems like they don't want a CU. They might come aroudn eventually after they get the next few updates done, or they might leave the underworld a boring wasteland where players sacrifice time to happiness to retrieve obligatory ores.

Again, I love Minecraft, but Mojang really needs to step their game up (no pun intended). Don't focus on making China happy. Don't focus on not making liberals angry. Don't focus on making money. Focus on making a good game. If you do that, you will make plenty of people happy and plenty of money while you're at it. And this is where my casual essay on Minecraft ends. Thanks for reading, if you subjected yourself to that. I recommend the game to anyone with the money and time.

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