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    Mineko's Night Market

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Sep 26, 2023

    An adventure/simulation game by Meowza Games, which, according to the developer, involves "crafting crafts, eating eats, and catting cats."

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    Indie single-player adventure game developed by Meowza Games (aka Brent and Brandi Kobayashi). The game was announced for PC and Mac through Humble Bundle and Steam in 2019 with the possibility of being released on other platforms in the future, but has been delayed.


    The player-character is a young girl named Mineko who arrives at a Japanese-themed island overrun by cats. Press releases and teasers on the developers' Twitter feed indicate that gameplay will be an open-ended simulation in the genre of Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon: The player will be able to complete quests, gather and craft resources, interact with townspeople (NPCs), and sell/buy items in the weekly Night Market.


    Brent Kobayashi has created artwork for Tiny Speck's Glitch and multiple Spry Fox games including Road Not Taken and Alphabears.

    Brandi Kobayashi is an independent artist whose work can be seen on Etsy.

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