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    Minerals are the primary resource featured in many games.

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    The scientist Doran Routhe was first in claiming that other planetary systems, outside Sol, would contain new resources vital to a resource starved Earth. This prompted terran colonists to embark on mission to Gantris VI (a world in the outskirts of our solar system). Due to a computer malfunction the colonists ended up in the Koprulu Sector, but nevertheless, Doran Routhe was proven correct.

    In the StarCraft series, minerals are one of two resources needed for building units or structures. The more effective you are at gathering resources, the more successful you will be in beating the game, in both multiplayer and single player. Minerals are collected each race´s worker units (Terran: SCV, Zerg: Drone, Protoss: Probe).

    Rate of harvesting

    In the first StarCraft game and it´s expansions minerals are harvested at a rate of 8 per trip. In StarCraft II this was changed to 5 per trip due to improved worker AI.


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