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Mineva Zabi is a figure from the Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Century timeline. She was a baby during the events of the One Year War and daughter of Dozle and Zenna Zabi, but was later orphaned and left in the care of the Karn family. Following the events of the war, she is the last remaining survivor of the Zabi family. As such, those still loyal to the fallen nation of Zeon treat her as royalty. During the events of Mobile Suit Z Gundam, Mineva is raised by the Axis remnants of Zeon to become their ruler, but is a timid little girl highly dependent on Haman Karn. Despite his grudge against the Zabi family, Char Aznable wants Mineva to grow up and live a normal life rather than be raised to become a figurehead for Zeon fanatics.

After going into hiding at a young age, Mineva returns to the spotlight in the year U.C. 0096 under the pseudonym Audrey Burne, and is a key figure in the storyline of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.

In Video Games

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

In the third Dynasty Warriors Gundam game, Mineva appears as she does in Gundam Unicorn under her Audrey Burne alias. She is an NPC during the game's story mode, but can be selected as an Operator.


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