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In Banjo Tooie's world, Cloud Cuckooland, there are two Mumbo Skulls, a red one and a blue one. When you enter the red one you will come across a Minjo in the center of the ground floor and Mumbo sleeping as normal on the top floor. However when you enter the blue Mumbo Skull you will find a Jinjo in the center of the ground floor, upstairs is Mumbo sleeping in his chair as normal. When you wake him up Mumbo tells you that he has a big suprise for you, Banjo then tells him that he likes suprises. Banjo does not notice that Mumbo calls Banjo by his name, which he has never done before as he refers to him as bear. Mumbo jumps down, pulls up his skirt and then his wand, but then zaps Banjo with his wand. You then realise it is not Mumbo Jumbo after all as his eye's turn red and his voice noise turns mechanical. He reveals that he is not that pathetic shamen, but rather Mingy Jongo, he then seals off the exit and there begins the boss fight.   

Mingy Jongo uses a variation of shooting pink magic balls, homing green magic balls and teleportation. At the start of the fight he will fire a few pink spells followed by a green one, after that you get a couple of seconds to go and attack him as he is taps on his wrist keyepad. At the end of the fight he will fire a pink spell then teleport then fire another then teleport and continue this for a few more turns, then fire a green spell then he will pause again to tap on his wristpad. The first time you hit him a piece of his disguise falls off revealing that he is infact a robot, and every time you hit himyou reveal more and more of his original robotic self. When you defeat him he tells you his chances of beating you are now minimal, his head spins around and flies off, resulting in a green substance to spew from his neck, he then explodes. He leaves a Jiggy in his place and the door then opens allowing you to leave.  
Mingy Jongo also makes a cameo in Banjo Pilot as an item.

It is not fact, but there is reason to belive that Mingella created him. His name is Mingy, which is what Mingella is short for, so it's belived that she is the creator of Mingy Jongo.   
At the end of his first speech he says "Resistance is Futile" which could be a Star Trek Reference. 
If you go to MIngy Jongo as Mumbo Jumbo he will not wake up, but will damage you if you touch him. 
Mingy Jongo is fought in the smallest boss fight arena 
Mingy Jongo's boss music is the only world boss whose music is not a remix of their world's music. Instead, it is a remix of Mumbo's Skull music.

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