Anyone Else Looking Forward To Mini Ninjas? :)

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I am, I'm in love it's art style, in my eyes it seems to be influenced by The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. The gameplay, while classic, seems quite varied and fun too.    
The game is out on September 11th 
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Cute site:

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The demo will be available Wednesday on the PC and Xbox 360, the PS3 players will have to wait for weekly update of PlayStation Network on Thursday. 

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The story and setting and style look cool, but the actual gameplay they've shown so far makes me think 32-bit era action platformer. I hope that's just a completely wrong first impression and the demo proves it's a worthy game with just as much charm in gameplay as in its characters. I guess I'll try the PC demo when it's out to see if it's worth looking forward to the Wii version of the game (screenshots look similar enough).

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The art does look cool, however due to time constraints this will not be played :(.
The irony of being able to afford any game I want but never having time to play them.

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I've been giving the demo a swirl...this is no cutesy Ninja Gaiden ^^. The graphics are nice on the eye and there are some neat ideas, like possessing animals and using them as weapons. I also like being able to turn my hat into a canoe when it water. However, this game is clearly targeted at kids first and foremost, the combat is just way too simplistic to entertain adults on the evidence of the demo, but maybe it's because the demo is set at the start of the game. 
Not for me I think, but if I had a little brother of a young age, I would buy this for him and play it secretly.

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looks cool, ill keep an eye on this one....

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