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 The majority of the game consists of shooting small, ravenous creatures, (referred to as "furries" by the developers,) in a small forest. If the main character, John Gore, is attacked three times, the game ends.  If Gore collects three clovers, he temporarily transforms into a giant, invincible pig-beast, which is greatly effective against the furries.  A shotgun can also be collected, which sends out a larger spray of bullets, but has limited ammunition.  The goal of the game is to collect as much points as possible.  The game itself has no ending, not unlike Tetris.

Voice Acting

The game's only voice actor is what makes this app unique.  The game's main character, John Gore, is voice by Arin Hansen, (A.K.A. Egoraptor.) Egoraptor is best known for creating the animated series "Metal Gear Awesome."


Mingore features some of the best graphics available for the iPhone today.  Jaggies are almost non-existent, all the shadows are soft, and most of the characters have smooth, rounded edges.  The style of the game tends to rely on simple geometric shapes, most generally the cube.  Both the furries and John Gore have square-shaped heads not unlike Carl Fredrickson in Pixar's "UP." 


With the 1.292 update came Game Center support complete with achievements and leader boards. Unfortunately, it also removed its OpenFeint support in favor of Apple's own social gaming network.

Future Releases

Minigore is released in the form of episodes for the iPhone.  Each episode adds more elements, such as extended music, a furry sense, or  the headband that works as an extra life.  It is inferred that the developers are interested in making a "Minigore HD" for the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Arcade if enough interest is generated.

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