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Evil Genius

In this game, you can send minions to perform a variety of tasks such as gathering intel on a specific region, looting (the only source of revenue in the game), or performing specific missions, either to progress the story, or to gain items for your Evil lair. The probability of success is determined by both the number of minions sent, as well as the quality of the specific types - Offensive classes (such as martial artists, marksmen, mercenaries and guards) decrease the likelihood of any one minion dying on mission; Researcher classes reduce the time taken for the mission and gather the most money per minute; Public Relations classes reduce the heat generated by such activities. Your own henchmen are all-rounders but perform like the soldier classes when performing missions.

The Godfather II

Throughout the game, you can add henchmen to your family and buy guards for each of your respective establishments in order to defend your property from rival AI factions' firebombing/recapturing rackets. You can send specific members of your family to reinforce areas under threat, increasing the odds of success. These family members can be upgraded in an RPG-like manner, with the weapons and armor they possess directly influencing their ability to defend.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

In Metal Gear Solid V player can send Combat Unit soldiers to Combat Deployments in which they execute various tasks and missions. These missions have requirements for level and amount of staff that need to be met. Missions also have probabilities to fail/succeed and to have casualties. Both can be affected by the amount of staff and by their level. Rewards from these missions may be recruited staff, in-game currency or various raw materials used in game.

Dragon's Dogma

In Dragon's Dogma player has companions called Pawns and player will have one Main Pawn that can hired online by other players to assist them in their game world. While player character may not actively send them to other players' worlds, they can customize their Main Pawn to be useful help for others and this way improve chances of hiring. These Main Pawns can learn new tactics against different enemies and give tips for player to defeat them or learn how to fulfill different quests. This feature works both ways, player him/herself may teach Main Pawn about enemies by defeating them or doing quests, or the other online players may do the same and this information is learned by the Main Pawn. Players that have hired the Main Pawn may also give him a gift to give to the player with a rating and comment.


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