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    Ministry of Magic

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    The Ministry of Magic is where the government of Wizards and Witches work in the Harry Potter universe.

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    The Ministry of Magic is a fictional government for witches and wizards within the world of Harry Potter. The Ministry is located in London, England and was first presented in a series of books written by J.K. Rowling. Muggles, or non-magical individuals, are not aware of the Ministry's existence however, the muggle Prime Minster of England is aware of the Ministry of Magic through numerous meetings between the governments.  
    According to the history given by J.K. Rowling the "Wizard's Council" was the other form of rule that preceded the Ministry of Magic. 

    Minister of Magic (Minster for Magic)

    The Minister of Magic can be compared to many other leadership positions around the world and throughout the Harry Potter series there are a number of individuals who take up the position. Albus Dumbledore was once offered the position of Minster of Magic but he refused. It appears that the Minister of Magic is not elected, but chosen by the government. Although at the start of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince it is shown that public opinion can play in a role of change in leadership.


    Although the Ministry's name suggests it may only be a small branch of government, it is in fact a fully fledged organization that runs that wizarding world within the United Kingdom. Departments within the Ministry range from The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes to The Department of Magical Transportation, which handles the many unique ways wizards move about, including brooms and apparation.  
    The department most touched on within the Harry Potter series is the Wizengamot, a high court of law that plays a role in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  
    A partial list of the departments within the Ministry of Magic include:  
    • Department of Magical Law Enforcement
    • Improper Use of Magic Office
    • Wizengamot
    • Department of International Magical Cooperation
    • Department of Magical Games and Sports
    It should be noted that many other departments within the Ministry also exist.

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