Minotaur China Shop

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    Play a minotaur that just wants to run a china shop without breaking everything... from the people who brought you Jetpack Brontosaurus and Off-Road Velociraptor Safari.

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    Minotaur China Shop is game developed by Flashbang Studios. In this game customers enter your china shop and request a variety of items. As the minotaur shop owner, you will be expected to locate the item and return it to the customer at the register. Any time you damage products, you lose money.As you continue to damage more and more china, the minotaur will become enraged. Anything damaged while enraged will be reimbursed by the insurance company.  
    Each day, you are provided with your earnings to distribute across a number of attributes or attacks based on how you want to play the game.  You have five business days to make as much money as you can. The stats you can upgrade include Rage insurance, inventory, strength, speed, and advertising. You can also select from nine different attacks over the course of the game. 


    In ancient times, there lived a dreadful beast descended from the bovine: the minotaur. Though fearless and powerful, his strength was his undoing. While perusing a china shop one day, the minotaur accidentally bumped into a shelf and entered a state of, minotaur rage, destroying the store. Due to racial injustices in ancient legal systems, his minotaur rage defense was dismissed and he was banished to the labyrinth.  
    After serving half his sentence, the minotaur has been released on good behavior thanks to progressive movements sympathetic to his disorder. Armed with minotaur rage insurance and a business license, can the minotaur control himself and realize his dream of selling fine china?  


    • A Little of Everything - Break six types of items in one rampage.
    • Balanced Budget - Earn 100k from insurance and 100k from sales. 
    • Big Earner - Earn $250,000 in one day. 
    • Chinasbane - Break 20,000 items in total. 
    • Complete Destruction - Break all the items in the store. 
    • Customer Service - Sell 30 items in one game. 
    • Dedicated Destruction - Break 1,000 items in one game. 
    • Destruction Combo - Get a 30x insurance combo. 
    • Duck and Cover- Survive security for 30 seconds. 
    • Fast Seller - Get a 4x item sale combo. 
    • Heroic Effort - Sell an item with 5 arrows stuck in the minotaur. 
    • Level Cap - Max out all stat upgrades. 
    • Lifetime Sales Award - Sell 500 items in total. 
    • Nimble Hooves - Sell 10 items without breaking anything. 
    • Prickly - Get hit with 100 arrows in total. 
    • Profitable Venture - Earn 1,000,000 in one game. 
    • Scars to Prove It - Tear off 100 arrows in total. 
    • Shadows Boxer - Earn insurance money without breaking anything. 
    • Way of the Ninja - Purchase all available moves. 

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