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    Strongly aligned with the forces of good and weakly aligned with the forces of intelligence, Minsc nevertheless continues his quest to rid the world of evil with the loving companionship of his miniature giant space hamster, Boo.

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    Every hamster has his day!


    MInsc is a character appearing in the Baldur's Gate series of role-playing games created for the PC by Bioware. He bears deep purple tattoos, including one across the the right side of his face, and cares greatly for a hamster named Boo who stays with him at all times.

    In Baldur's Gate, Minsc can be found in the town of Nashkel, where he is searching for other adventurers to assist him in a rescue. In Baldur's Gate II, he is found as a fellow prisoner in the starting dungeon.

    Minsc's voice acting is done by Jim Cummings.

    Abilities and Personality

    Minsc begins the game as a ranger and possesses the stats to make him a formidable front-line fighter. He is tremendously powerful, with a starting strength score of 18.93, and with the proper equipment, can easily stand toe-to-toe with the toughest enemies in the game. In addition to his great strength, Minsc has the ability to go berserk, during which he will attack with greater might and becomes immune to effects such as imprisonment and level drain, but in his rage, he will attack friend and foe alike, and becomes uncontrollable by the player. He may go berserk through choosing the ability, or as a result of morale failure. In Baldur's Gate II, Keldorn has the ability to talk him out of his rage.

    By contrast, Minsc suffers from comparatively low scores for intelligence and wisdom with an 8 and a 6 respectively. These attributes have little affect on his role as a melee combatant, but manifest themselves in the game nonetheless through his plethora of heartfelt battlecries including "Butt kicking for goodness!" and the fan-favorite "Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the EYES!" Though Minsc might be chalked up as a simpleton, his strong sense of morality and personal honor make him a valuable addition to any Good-aligned group.



    Minsc is accompanied at all times by a tiny hamster named Boo who he insists is "the only miniature Giant Space Hamster in the Realms." He serves no apparent purpose throughout the game, but nevertheless takes up permanent residence in one of Minsc's quick slots which would typically be reserved for rapid access to potions and such. Any attempt to remove Boo fails, generating a nasty glare from Minsc.

    Boo's squeaks can be heard during many of Minsc's lines of dialogue.


    At some point prior to the start of the first Baldur's Gate, Minsc swore an oath of protection to a witch named Dynaheir, and he acts as her guardian as part of his Dajemma, a rite of manhood. The pair traveled from their native Rasheman to the Sword Coast, where Dynaheir was captured by a clan of gnolls. In a surprising act of forethought, Minsc decides to enlist help from the protagonist of the game rather than blindly charging in by himself. Upon accepting Minsc into the party, the player must rescue Dynaheir from the gnolls within ten game days or Minsc will fly into a frustrated rage and attack the rest of the group. A successful rescue makes Dynaheir and Minsc inseparable, and asking either to leave or join the party will apply to them as a pair.

    The bond between Minsc and Dynaheir is broken at the start of Baldur's Gate II where Minsc appears as a potential party member, but Dynaheir does not. Minsc reveals in his introductory dialogue that Dynaheir was killed by Irenicus, and he was forced to watch.


    Over the course of Baldur's Gate II, Minsc may ask Aerie to be his new witch. She will, of course, accept, and after that Minsc will be especially protective of her, crying that he must defend his witch if she gets attacked. He will also have several conversations with her about her responsibilities as his and Boo's new witch, which include helping Boo with a troublesome rash.

    Popular Quotes

    "Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the eyes!"

    "Butt kicking for goodness!"

    "My hamster is getting antsy!"

    "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, watch it! I'm huge!"

    "There is safety in numbers. And I'm two or three at least."

    "Live by the sword...Live a good long time!"

    "You point, I punch!"

    "Swords! Not Words!"

    "See battle Boo...RUN Boo RUN!" (Squeek!)

    "Squeaky wheel gets the kick!"

    "Where Minsc goes, evil stands aside!"

    "Feel the backhand of Justice!"

    "Less talk, more fight!"

    "I need aid soon, lest my hamster become an orphan."

    "This behavior must not continue. Feel the burning stare of my hamster and change your ways!"


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