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For Freedom!
For Freedom!

Secret Origin:

Frank Stiles was a brilliant nuclear scientist, who once worked on the Manhattan Project. He was thrown off the project when he accused one of his colleagues, O'Connor, of being a Communist spy. Years later, while sitting idly at the park, he spots O'Connor, talking to a suspicious Russian man. He follows them around, trying to find out what O'Connor was upto this time. But he is soon discovered. Frank confronts O'Connor about his past deeds but this does not end well as O'Connor shoots him in the chest. Injured and left for dead, Frank crawls to a nearby Minuteman statue. At this very moment a bolt of Energy X strikes the statue from the sky. The mysterious energy passes through the statue to Frank, who becomes younger, faster and stronger than ever before. He changed his name to Minuteman, after the patriotic heroes of the past, and vows to help fight his country's enemies.

Powers and abilities:

 Minuteman posses superhuman strength and endurance. He is also very agile and uses his incredible strength to leap great distances. Due to his strong will, Minuteman can resist any kind of mental attack. However he has weakness to radiation effects. Minuteman carries around a staff named the "Patriot", which has several abilities of its own.

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